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Pung Klom House

With limitations on size and space, we needed to cater for a couple and one dog. There is a requirement to build a home office and warehouse space in the same area. These functions can be used perfectly by the architects and they chosen to lay out the functionality of all three aspects into three consecutive units. These units were then connected by a visual perspective through the main axis.

A small court under the 2nd floor balcony which serves to both connect and separate the area into three parts. The simplicity of the resulting language and by the use of small materials created an extension of the character of the product.

The use of shapes like triangles and the colour white which can evoke good memories of the project. Key points of this event Is to build a new building and to be able to live together, using the original structure of the house. Additional cost savings in the construction of warehouses and offices. It is also an important consideration in choosing the roof material to be consistent with this reason.


Project : Pung Klom House

Area : 270 sq.m.

Location : Nontaburi, Thailand

Year : 2017

Architects : Studio Miti

Photographs : xaroj_photographic_atelier